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About Desperado

泉 英一

About Desperado

Desperado started in 2000 with the shop concept of fusion of “fashion” and “art,” “products” and “people.” From its start there have been so many encounters of designers, artists, and those who love fashion and art deeply.Respecting these encounters, renewal as “community store” was made in 2013 aiming at fusion of “products” and “experiences,” designers/artists and those who look for them.

Desperado deals cloths and goods of overseas and domestic young designers and artists, selected by buyer, Eiichi Izumi, flying around the world markets. Desperado never exhibits cloths on bodies. We would like our customers enjoy selection of cloths freely, through communication with our staff as well as inspiration from our shop floor and many things happening there.
Buying is made to choose products which give joy that will increase over time from the moment of purchase. It is not just chasing the fashion but offering products whose design and essence can fit in any times, increasing their value, so that our customers feel great affection and “good buy” for them.
We hope fashion is something wonderful, fun, familiar, and very personal for each owner.
Eiichi Izumi